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Effy Vaughn

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1Effy Vaughn Empty Effy Vaughn on Mon Sep 15, 2014 12:48 pm


About this author

Effy Vaughn is the pen name of Abbi Glines.
I have a confession to make.

But let me explain first…

When I write a book, my first concern is — “do I like this?” my second concern is — “will readers like this?”

However, I would be lying if I said that I didn’t stress over writing a book readers will love.

In the beginning, it wasn’t like that. I wrote books because I loved writing. I had nothing to live up to. It was easy.

Now, I worry about letting readers down. It’s natural, of course. I think all authors go through this.

I am extremely grateful that I have readers who want to read my books… but I wanted a creative outlet where I could just write and not worry about something bombing. If I enjoyed the story then that was all that mattered. In order to do this, I decided I needed to have a pen name. I would write and not worry if anyone read it. Writing the story would just be for fun. No stress to meet expectations attached.

There were several flaws to this plan. The main problem was I am busy enough being me. I didn’t have time to be someone else too. Why I thought I could do this — I don’t know. But I also didn’t expect readers to enjoy the first novella so much. When I knew I couldn’t keep this pace up I pulled the first novella down. I really didn’t think anyone would notice or care.

I was so very wrong.

Readers cared. They cared a lot. The two bloggers who were in on this and had helped with the idea got emails asking what happened to Effy Vaughn? When is the next episode coming out? The questions kept coming and I knew I had to do something. Readers couldn’t be left hanging on this series.

So, after much discussion and thought we decided this was the best idea. I would come clean for starters and tell you that I found out the hard way– I wasn’t Superwoman. Kind of bummed me out for awhile because I had started to believe I just may be. Rude wake up call.

Then my next decision was to finish the series. However, I would post the episodes on my blog for free. The next episode will post within the next two weeks. I’m working on it now. For those of you who haven’t read the first one and would like to read this series as I post episodes on my blog then you’re in luck. I’ve posted it below.

My lesson has been learned. I’ll never pretend to be anyone else ever again. I will also stop walking around with my cape on. I looked ridiculous anyway.

2Effy Vaughn Empty Boys South of the Mason Dixon on Mon Sep 15, 2014 12:52 pm


Effy Vaughn Cove1879
Asher (Boys South of the Mason Dixon #1)
The Sutton Boys - those three words bring a smile to the faces of females of all ages in the small town of Malroy, Alabama. Five brothers who help their momma run their farm during the work week, while seeing how many women they can sweet talk out of their panties on the weekends.

Each brother has a story and just like with all families and small towns, their stories twist together into a tangled mess that changes each of their lives forever. Because for each brother there will come a moment when he has to make a decision to keep playing or finally become a man.

One will be given a gift that every man longs for.

One will be broken.

One will be lost.

One will find out what it means to be owned.

One will make the ultimate sacrifice.

South of The Mason Dixon, the boys get naughtier, the nights get hotter and the southern charm is down right addictive.

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