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N.E. Henderson

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About this author

Nancy as most know her as, lives in Mississippi with her husband and their son. She is a city girl, married to a country boy, but this city girl knows how to get dirty…or rather muddy. When Nancy isn’t working her day job at a local hospital, reading her end counts of 1 clicking additions via her kindle, or writing, she and her hubby and their kid love riding four wheelers and side by sides and finding new trails. She has a love for roller coasters too, the steel one, not wooden. So being as she was amusment park deprived as a child, she loves them.

Nancy’s had the desire to write since Kindergarten, but it wasn’t until the age of 29 that she finally started making her dream a reality. It also could have been the fact the characters wouldn’t get out of her head and would not allow her to sleep that she might have been forced to tell their story. Nearly two years later, Silent No More was completed and published.

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N.E. Henderson Silent10
Silent No More (Silent #1)
Shannon Taylor thinks she has the picture perfect life.

Engaged to marry her college boyfriend and a best friend who’s more like a sister, life is almost perfect. That is until her world is tilted by two of the most important people in her life.

A chance encounter leads Shannon down a path that will force her to confront a past she has meticulously ignored for ten years.

Nicholas Lockhart, renowned bachelor, has a reputation for his cold eyes and icy heart. Meeting a woman who can turn his world upside down is not in the cards; that is until Shannon.

When Shannon's world crashes, she wonders if it's possible to crack Nick's icy heart. A web of lies and twisted truths soon leaves both bare and vulnerable.

Silence no longer offers her protection or safety.

Will remaining silent cost Shannon the real love she's finally found? Or will she stay silent no more?

mediafire.com download/wk4wk5q0bzkc2fc/Silent%20No%20More%20-%20N.%20E.%20Henderson.epub

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