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Komal Kant

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About this author

Komal Kant is the best-selling author of WRONG SIDE OF TOWN who writes Contemporary Romance and Paranormal. Her other books include IMPOSSIBLE, FALLING FOR HADIE, RUNAWAY MORTAL, and UNFAMILIAR (co-written with Erica Cope). She currently lives in Sydney, but wishes she lived all over the world.

Komal enjoys super geeky things like Pokémon, Call of Duty, and Final Fantasy. She figures she has too many Huskies, but as a result also has lots of Husky kisses. You can often find her swooning over fictional male characters who smirk a lot, superhero-related movies, Ryan Gosling, and her readers.

She is represented by Mark Gottlieb of Trident Media Group.

Website: http://komalkantbooks.com/

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Komal Kant 16119691
Impossible (With Me #1)
Ashton Summers is on her way to becoming the most popular girl in school and nothing—or no one—is going to stand in her way. Especially not Luca Byron, her freak neighbor, with his tattoos, loud music, and distracting green eyes.

Luca Byron has three goals in life: get through high school with a low profile, make sure his garage band becomes something more than a hobby, and try to forget about his insufferable ex-best friend, Ashton, who he can’t get out of his mind.

The last thing Ashton and Luca want to do is rekindle their friendship, but when Ashton takes a tumble down the social ladder, Luca—with his new makeover—is the only one who can help her rise up again by pretending to be her boyfriend. At first, being together is unbearable and annoying, but things start to change as Ashton and Luca discover the real reasons they drifted apart seven years ago.

Now, keeping their hands off each other seems impossible.

Komal Kant 16150728
Falling for Hadie (With Me #2)
“Sometimes there is a single moment that changes your life forever.”

Hadie Swinton is giving up on boys.

After a disastrous relationship, she is convinced that all males are the same—arrogant, self-assured, and complete jerks.

Lincoln Bracks is giving up on his old life.

After moving to a new town to escape the problems plaguing him, he is set against ever getting close to anyone again.

When Hadie and Lincoln’s worlds collide, their intrigue for one another leads them to open up to each other against their better judgment. Despite the attraction that is pulling them together, insecurities, secrets, and shattered hopes stand in the way of them ever being together.

At a time when darkness consumes their lives, Hadie and Lincoln learn that hope and love can still be found in the most unlikely place.

Komal Kant 18171236
Wrong Side of Town (With Me #3)
“You don’t realize someone was missing from your life until the moment they enter it.”

Estella Markson is a good girl. She studies hard, stays out of trouble, and is struggling to hold together her family that is falling apart because of her alcoholic father.

Vincent Madden is the guy your mother warned you to stay away from. He doesn’t follow the rules, is in a notorious motorcycle gang, and doesn’t care if he breaks the law or someone’s bones.

After a chance encounter, Vincent starts to take an interest in the innocent girl who is so different to him. Despite Vincent’s infamous reputation, Estella is also intrigued by him. There is something about this bad boy that gives her an escape from her world of problems, and she can’t stay away.

Even as they struggle with the problems in their lives, Vincent and Estella soon find that trying to forget is easier with someone by your side.

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