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Miranda Mailer

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1Miranda Mailer Empty Miranda Mailer on Wed Sep 17, 2014 1:12 pm


About this author

Before everyone shouts “Don’t give up your day job!” Ahem... I already did.

I left my job as an insurance clerk in June last year with all the regret of a woman wiping dog dirt from her shoe, and I have branched out into writing fiction.

Miranda is not my real name. I thought some of the more strait-laced mums at he school gate might look askance at the antics of Kara and Jana. And one or two of the dads might want to discuss my work in greater detail… Err, no thanks.

I am a depressingly ordinary English mum, but I’m lucky enough to have a great bunch of girlfriends who are always there for me and who are prepared to read my first drafts and laugh uproariously/roll their eyes/tgive me their handy hints when I’m going wrong. You could say it’s a joint effort in some ways. In terms of moral support that’s certainly true.

But since I am the one who parks her ample ass in the chair and puts in the hours at the keyboard, I am the one who gets to put her name on the covers.

I am lucky with my friends but even luckier with my readers. I am profoundly grateful to any and all who read my work, because that, in the end, is why writers write. Without readers, there would be no point.

2Miranda Mailer Empty Stafford Trilogy on Wed Sep 17, 2014 1:14 pm


Miranda Mailer Cover604
Dark Dreams White Lies (Stafford Trilogy, #1)  
Kara Decker is working under cover to investigate a technology billionaire in Silicon Valley. But when the dark stranger takes more than a casual interest in her, Kara has to fight to avoid being professionally compromised by this man. Money. power and looks are a very difficult combination to resist, and Jack Stafford has them in spades. Kara even finds herself dreaming about the man. How will Kara get close to this man and still keep her professional integrity intact?

Kara desperately wants to believe Jack Stafford is clean, but it's not as simple as that. Billionaires tend to have secrets hidden away and Jack Stafford has as many as anyone. The more she attempts to discover the real Jack Stafford, the deeper she becomes involved with him. The questions multiply for Kara, and comes down to one thing: can she trust him?

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